Enrolment Information

Deer Park West Primary School welcomes families to become part of our amazing school community!


There are a few things you need to know regarding enrolment at our school.

If you wish to enrol your child at Deer Park West Primary School, proof of address is now required as we are zoned.

Contact the school so we can confirm that you do reside in our Zone or click on School Zones.

You will need to provide a current Council Rates Notice or Current Rental Agreement plus two other forms of ID with your name and address.

Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate are both required for a child's enrolment.


Below is the Student Enrolment Form. The forms can be typed into and then saved onto your device. Once completed, please email the forms to the school along with all other required documents explained above.


If you have any questions, please contact the school office on 9363 3519 or by email.


Enrolment Form


Due to current restrictions, we are currently running our transition sessions via WebEx. If you have enrolled already, please ensure you speak to our office staff and get the details of our WebEx meetings. They run every Thursday at 10:00am and both parents and children are invited. If you cannot join in the WebEx meetings, please check this page each week, as we upload the recordings of all transition sessions here.


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