Students are using Mathletics as part of their mathematics program at Deer Park West Primary School. Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and captivating online learning resource, which aligns to Victorian Curriculum standards.


Every student from Foundation to Year 6 has take-home access to Mathletics — they simply sign in with their Mathletics username and password or QR code using any compatible computer or tablet device. Classroom teachers have given their students their login details.


The extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference to your child’s progress. Encourage them to achieve a weekly target of 1000 points to earn a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the school year.

Go for Gold!


Signing in is easy;



Below are the Mathletics certificates for each week.


Term 3 Week 1

Term 3 Week 2

Term 3 Week 3

Term 3 Week 4

Term 3 Week 5

Term 3 Week 6

Term 3 Week 7

Term 3 Week 8

Term 3 Week 9

Term 3 Week 10


Term 4 Week 1

Term 4 Week 2

Term 4 Week 3

Term 4 Week 4

Term 4 Week 5

Term 4 Week 6



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