Communication and Learning





Purpose: Compass is a web based school software which allows us to manage school operations efficiently and communicate with our school community.

Purpose: The Qkr! App allows you to order and pay for lunch orders from the school canteen online. 

Purpose: Seesaw is an online resource that allows students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.


The students learning is kept as a digital portfolio and is shared with families, and nothing is shared without teacher approval.


Purpose:  Mathletics is an online, interactive, e-learning resource that allows the students to practice skills at their own level and their own pace. 


Mathletics challenges students in all areas of math through a ‘game environment’ and allows them to access the appropriate level of challenge that best meets their learning needs.  


Family Use:

· Advise school of your child’s absence

· Book your mid-year Parent/Teacher meeting


Family Use

· Complete lunch orders the night before 

· Pre-order and pay for lunches (later in the week or every Friday for example)  

Family Use:

· See what your child is learning in school

· Give feedback to your child in the form of comments

· Receive information from your child’s teacher

·Leave messages directly with your child’s teacher


Family Use:

· Practice of the learning that is happening in the classroom

· Complete assign tasks as set by the classroom teacher

· Work towards achieving points and reward certificates

· Opportunities for ‘game play’ through mathematical concepts

· View online learning records of the module and tasks that are completed.


How to access:

· Link provided on school devices or download the free App

· Select Deer Park West Primary School

· Login in using your unique login codes for your family which are provided by the school

How to access

· Download the free App 

· Search and select Deer Park West Primary School 

· Add your child’s name and class details in the Profile 

· Add your payment card details 


TIP:  Remember to include a paper bag with each order so the lunch can be delivered 

How to access:

· Download the free ‘Family’ App

· Select ‘Create Family Account’

· Scan the unique QR code provided by your child’s teacher


How to access:

· Web Address


Download the free mathletics App


Your child can login using their individual username and password. 

This is provided by the classroom teacher to your child.


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