Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts for Primary School students incorporates Dance, Drama and Music.

This area of the Victorian curriculum is structured around four strands:


Explore and express ideas

Present and Perform


Respond and interpret


Students make, perform and respond to the Performing Arts in ways that foster a sense of belonging to a group (their class or year level), while at the same time building the self-confidence of themselves as an individual.

The Performing Arts room at Deer Park West P.S. is a supportive, colourful and enjoyable space in which we encourage our students to reach their creative and expressive potential.

All students in Foundation to Year 6 attend this Specialist learning area, for one hour each week.



In Dance, students learn movement and dance techniques through choreography and performance opportunities. Students explore the elements of dance and learn to communicate and express themselves through purposeful movement. Dance enables students to develop a movement vocabulary, as they explore ways of moving both individually and collaboratively. Students learn to respond to their own and others’ dances, and are encouraged to provide helpful and positive feedback to one another.



The Drama curriculum aims to develop students’ creativity, self-esteem and a willingness to take risks through creativity. Through drama, students learn to move, speak and act with increased confidence, as they create, rehearse, perform and respond using the elements of drama.       Students use body gestures and movement, voice and language, while taking on roles that allow them to explore real and imagined situations. Students have opportunities to be both the drama-maker, and an audience member.



Listening underpins all music learning. Learning through Music is a continuous and sequential process that includes creating, performing and responding to various styles of music. Students compose and perform using their voice, body, and instruments. Active participation in music can also foster an understanding of music from different times, places and cultures.


Musical Instruments

Percussion instruments are used by students in all year levels F to 6 to explore beat and rhythm, and to enhance presentations and performance. In addition, the Recorder is introduced at Year 2, and the Ukulele is taught in years 4 to 6, in order to introduce our students to musical notation through the use of tuned instruments.


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