Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Deer Park West Primary School is designed to equip students with visual communication skills, so as they grow their view of the world and themselves also grows. Visual Arts is not just drawing and painting, it is architecture, design, construction, fashion, sculpture and digital art. Students create artworks that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas. Each week, students engage in a journey of discovery, experimentation and problem solving through using a variety of exciting and amazing mediums and materials.


Students are challenged to achieve their artistic potential in an enjoyable and supportive environment. They develop their creativity and imagination as well as refine their practical and fine motor skills. Throughout their time at Deer Park West Primary School, students learn to make independent choices and work collaboratively with others. They learn to develop a visual language around art elements that is appropriate when thinking and talking about art, such as line, shape, colour and texture. 


Students explore a variety of artworks of Australian and International artists. They are encouraged to share their thoughts, observations and feelings and then have a go themselves. The students develop healthy Visual Arts mindsets, where they encourage each other and provide positive feedback to their peers. The program is based on the Victorian Curriculum and units taught are aligned and linked with classroom learning.